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Configuration check warning:
The TS setup variable plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.hideFields contains the value total_price, but only the following values are allowed:
(image, event_type, title, subtitle, description, accreditation_number, credit_points, category, date, timeslots, uid, time, place, room, expiry, speakers, language, partners, tutors, leaders, price_regular, price_board_regular, price_special, price_board_special, paymentmethods, additional_information, target_groups, attached_files, organizers, vacancies, deadline_registration, otherdates, eventsnextday, registration, back, requirements, dependencies)
This value specifies which section to remove from the details view. Incorrect values will cause the sections to still be displayed. Please correct the TS setup variable plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.hideFields in your TS template setup or via FlexForms.
When that is done, please empty the FE cache and reload this page.
The configuration check for this extension can be disabled in the extension manager.